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9D Virtual Reality Simulator Hire (Two-Seater)

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly popular with the advancement of technology, and with our 9D VR simulator you and your guests can be transported into the newest and exciting experiences available.

How does it work? You choose an interactive game or simulation before sitting inside the 9D VR simulator. Place the virtual reality headset on, sit back and enjoy a fully-immersive, 720° thrilling virtual experience. The chairs will move ever-so-slightly, simulating the movement of the game, yet the feeling combined with the visuals feels like you are moving dramatically! There are additional effects including the wind effect and leg swipe effect built in to enhance you and your guests’ experiences.

The 9D VR simulator comes pre-loaded with a curated list of 15 games and simulations to enjoy, ranging from from outer space exploration, to thrilling rollercoasters, haunted houses or walking amongst dinosaurs – there’s an experience for you and all your guests!

What’s Included

  • 9D Virtual Reality Simulator (Two-Seater)
  • Unlimited plays from a list of curated, high-quality virtual reality simulations & games
  • Uniformed attendant
  • 3 hour hire (set up & take down time not included)
  • Black interior leather seats
  • Exterior Skin: white
  • Delivery, set up & take down within London

What’s Optional

  • HD video recording of guests’ reactions
  • Online gallery with edited video clips from your event
  • Red Carpet
  • Additional hours/days of hire (operational and/or idle)
  • Customised Skin

What We Need

  • Cubic space of 2.5M (L) x 1.5M (W) x 2.1M (H)
  • Access to a 240V mains socket
  • Access to your venue 1 hour prior to hire for set up
  • £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date