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Capture and keep every minute of fun with a wedding photo booth

Arrive at a wedding, and you’ll notice, suddenly everyone is a photographer. Smartphone, polaroid, throwaway, semi-pro. Whatever the camera, it’s pointed at someone – and not only the happy couple. It’s a special day for everyone, so of course they want their own memories safely preserved in celluloid – or, y’know, zeroes and ones. But do you really want shaky, blurry, just plain cruddy images of your big day shared on your Facebook wall? Neither do we. Which is why wedding photo booth hire is a no-brainer for your wedding celebration.

What if all your images were sharp, high quality and high resolution, and showed your wedding guests having the time of their lives? Because that’s what you get with our wedding photo booth rental. The booth is a natural gathering point for guests, and our uniformed attendant will keep all the action clean and classy – with a cheeky nudge and wink thrown in for good measure. Our box of wedding themed props really helps you get the best value for money, encouraging guests to relax, smile, and let their hair down.

Don’t think of it as just a photo booth – think of it as a fun multiplier and memory maker. Because there’s no better way to remember the celebration of your new lives together than with a comprehensive collection of informal, quality photographs that perfectly compliment your official wedding pictures.

Prints can be produced on the spot, or images sent to your social media accounts in real time – allowing guests who couldn’t make it (or weren’t invited!) to watch the celebration unfold in real time. You can even customise your pictures with the name of the happy couple, or any other greeting or graphic you desire. Then at the end of the night, we’ll print a separate copy of your pictures and make them into a hardback album of your wedding celebration. Once you show your friends, they’re going to want a wedding photobooth as well!

For bookings and enquiries, get in touch. We can’t wait to be part of your special day!

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6 cool & unusual wedding entertainment ideas

Planning a wedding isn’t just stressful, but something you’re probably only intending to do once in your life (I hope). So you want to make it special, suited not only to you and your future spouse’s personalities, but appealing to your families, friends and other guests too. Maybe the standard wedding format feels too boring for your particular circle of crazies? Well fear not my friends. Here we have compiled six trend-setting wedding entertainment ideas to make your special day go off with a bang (and possibly a broken ankle, so please dance responsibly).

Host a games tournament
Holding a tournament is a brilliant way to bring all your wedding guests together and give your celebration an inclusive, focused atmosphere. If you and your guests all share a common interest, then great, but if not, here are a couple of suggestions. Obviously, unless you’re travelling to Vegas for your wedding, the UK weather isn’t reliable enough for an outdoor tournament, so why not go for table football, ping pong or pool. 2-3 tables should do the trick, so it needn’t cost the earth. You could even have a prize for the winning player or team – or a forfeit for the losers!

Strictly Dad Dancing
Holding a dance-off is an unusual and fun way to get everyone involved in your wedding celebration, regardless of age or ability. And it needn’t take up too much time if you’re running to a tight schedule. Here’s how it works: you divide guests up into groups such as kids, singles, dads, handbag-owners and so forth, and have them dance to a group-appropriate song. You and your betrothed get to play the judges, and hand out rosettes or prizes to the best/ worst dancers. Pro tip: Make sure the DJ has ‘Agadoo’ at the ready at all times.

Everyone loves Karaoke
How many seasons has the X Factor been running now? You’ve lost count right? That’s because people can’t get enough of watching other people singing – no matter how talented or deluded they are! So why not take advantage of this dark fascination for your wedding entertainment. Bribe everyone with a strong drink and get them up on stage singing their favourite song. For extra value, video the whole thing and create a souvenir copy for guests to keep at home. You never know, you may end up with some classic You’ve Been Framed footage…

Noel Edmonds eat your heart out
For a really unique and fun way to entertain your wedding guests, why not mimic your favourite game show format. You may have to simplify things for the sake of convenience or affordability, but at the very least you’ll probably need a small PA to make sure everyone can hear what’s going on. Deal or no deal would work well in this situation, or if most of your friends are singletons, you could always up the ante and go for Take me out. Or for a more family oriented choice, you could choose family fortunes. Best of all, I hear Les Dennis may be available in person these days…

Put on a magic show
Face it. Bands are loud. And everyone on earth is sick to death of Brown Eyed Girl. So do everyone a favour and break the mould a little bit. If you want dancing you can always hire a DJ, but for wedding entertainment that’s going to really stand out you can do a lot worse than hiring a magic show. It’s worth doing your homework here. Obviously, find someone good, and ideally someone who’s going to include members of the audience in parts of the show. This is a great photo opportunity and will break the ice between guests during the after-show chat. And you never know – they might just make your mother-in-law disappear!

Photo booth hire
If you’re looking for something guaranteed to bring your guests together and that appeals to guests of all ages, you can’t beat the increasingly-popular photo booth hire. Not only do guests get the opportunity to let their hair down in front of the camera, they also take home souvenir snaps to remember your big day. Additionally, most booths are programmed to print two copies of each picture, allowing you to compile a guestbook of all the photos as your own personal, priceless wedding album. And if there are family or friends who can’t attend for any reason, you can always set the booth to upload photos in real time to your social media account, making sure everyone feels included.

wedding ents

The top 5 most expensive weddings

Celebrity and billionaire weddings are more like stage-managed Hollywood productions than any ceremony you or I would recognise. But even when you see just how glamorous they are, it can be hard to figure out exactly how they consume such vast quantities of cash. You may notice that the top 4 of these most expensive weddings are also British. Despite no longer being the richest country in the world, turns out we still like to act like it!

#5 Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky
When the (former) President’s daughter married her childhood friend back in 2010, it was pretty obvious that this was going to be no ordinary wedding. The groom being a renowned, not to mention successful investment banker, there was no shortage of big money to fund the celebration. Together they spent a whopping £3 million on their big day, including 500 guests, a £6,000 wedding cake, and the undivided attention of the world’s press. This couple stands out as being the only pair who started out as friends. When Chelsea’s previous relationship with author Ian Klaus came to an end, Marc was her shoulder to cry on. Oldest strategy in the book…

#4 Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLaughlin
The archetypal WAG Coleen McLaughlin was only 16 when she and Rooney began their famous relationship. By the time they got married in 2008, Rooney was the most highly paid footballer in the world, earning some £15 million a year. So maybe it’s not surprising that the pair splashed out a cool £5 million on their big day. With 65 guests flown to Genoa for a luxury ceremony in a medieval abbey, you begin to realise how costs may have spiralled. It works out at more than £75,000 per guest!

#3 Prince William and Kate Middleton
Nothing prompts a cash-splash quite like a royal wedding. And yet, compared to our #1 wedding, this one was quite tame, and not nearly as over-the-top as you’d think. Out of a total of £21 million, the 2nd in line to the throne’s wedding cost us (don’t forget we paid for it!) a colossal £21 million. But what you probably don’t know is that most of that went on security. The remainder was spent on flowers (half a million) and £30-a-bottle champagne. Fun fact: according to research, 1 in 5 adult Brits planned to buy a wedding souvenir at an average cost of £17 per item. Added together, that’s enough money to pay for this royal wedding 8 times over!

#2 Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia
When the daughter of billionaire steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and a successful City of London banker tie the knot, you can expect spending to get out of hand. But clocking up a massive £42 million, this is the most expensive non-royal wedding ever. By a HUGE margin. Starting with a formal engagement ceremony in the Palace of Versailles, home of French king Louis XIV, the 5 day long celebration continued at Vaux le Vicomte – said to be the finest chateau and garden in all of France. With no expense spared, this was a ceremony of truly unbounded proportions, so much so that even the invitations were delivered in silver boxes. Let’s hope the marriage lives up to the precedent this wedding has set!

#1 Prince Charles and Lady Diana
From humble schoolteacher to the most famous woman on the planet, this wedding turned Lady Diana into the people’s princess. At a cost of a mere £70m (adjusted for inflation from 1981) this is the most expensive wedding ever. But that’s not the only record it holds. By the power of television, it was also seen by more than 750 million people, not including some 600,000 others who actually turned out in the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds. In fact, the royal wedding is still one of the most popular TV programmes ever broadcast. So high was the royal wedding fever, that the government declared a bank holiday, giving millions the day off work to mark the happy occasion. The ceremony took place at none other than St Paul’s Cathedral, and the reception was attended by 3,500 guests, including many of the world’s royal families. No fewer than 27 wedding cakes were served to the assembled VIPs, including a main wedding cake which was 5 feet tall and took longer than 3 months to make (a spare cake was also made in case the original was damaged). Let’s hope none of it went to waste, eh?

And there you have it: how the other half live. Or is it? It turns out, not every billionaire feels the need to throw his money around on the big day. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made such a quiet affair of his wedding, that some of the guests allegedly didn’t know about it until the day itself. Apparently, he treated his guests to local restaurant sushi in Palo Alto, at a mere $7 a plate. So, maybe you can afford a billionaire’s wedding after all!

The top 5 most expensive weddings

Improve your wedding photos with these 10 unmissable top tips

Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer, asking a friend, or taking advantage of the ever-popular Showtime wedding photo booth hire, getting quality snaps on your big day is essential. You only get one chance to take wedding photographs, and it’s a day you’re going to want to remember for the rest of your life. So read on for our 10 essential wedding photography tips.

1. Make a list of all the shots you want
It sounds obvious, but making a list of all the shots you want is crucial if you want your wedding photos to be perfect. You’ll be so busy and distracted on the big day, it will be too easy to forget that you need those shots with your second cousin and great aunt. Make sure whoever is taking the photos has a copy of the list, and ticks the shots off one by one as they’re taken.

2. Get some inspiration
You’ve probably looked through hundreds of pages of bridal catalogues and magazines already, but have you been imagining how you want your photos to look? Spend some time looking through magazines and searching online to get inspiration for your photos, and don’t be afraid to take a few chances. If an idea doesn’t work, you’ll still have plenty of regular photos to fall back on.

3. Change your perspective
Photography is all about ways of seeing. And just because we’re used to seeing everything from head height while standing, doesn’t mean all your photos should be taken from this angle. Why not have your photographer take snaps from the balcony, through some trees, up close and from a distance so you’ll have plenty of interest and variety.

4. Use your camera’s maximum image resolution
Imagine finding the perfect digital wedding photo, only to find that when you take it to the print shop, it can’t be printed any bigger than 6 x 4″. Use a camera that is capable of taking large pictures so that when the time comes for ordering prints, you’re not limited to small sizes. Best of all, use an analogue camera – then you can have the prints literally as big as you want!

5. Batteries and memory: don’t run out
Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? But if you’re going to be spending all day taking large-format pictures on a digital camera, you should be prepared. Take twice as much memory as you think you’ll need, as well as spare batteries, and a mains charger for your camera if you have to. There is no such thing as over-prepared when it comes to weddings.

6. Avoid too many posed pictures
Everyone knows what wedding photos look like. Pairs or groups of guests all huddled together, champagne in hand, saying cheese for the camera. And that’s great. But if you want to inject a bit of life and extra interest into your shots, try to catch people unaware, just behaving naturally. You’ll end up with a much more diverse range of shots, and preserve more of a sense of the occasion.

7. Not every photo should be a portrait
A wedding isn’t just made up of a bride, groom and guests, although they’re bound to be your focus as a photographer. But why not pay attention to all the other parts of the wedding while you’re taking snaps? The cake, the venue, the flowers – they’re all important parts of the day, and getting interesting shots of those bits will only enhance your wedding album for years to come.

8. Use a tripod
We all think of cameras as being hand-held devices, which is true to a point. But to really get the best out of your camera, you could do much worse than investing in a tripod. Particularly for close-ups, even the smallest hand movement can ruin a shot. And if you’re shooting video, you’ll get far superior footage when using a tripod.

9. Keep an emergency supplies kit
Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, but what they don’t tell you is that it can be pretty stressful too, sometimes. Which is why having an emergency kit containing pins, tape, stain remover, hairgrips or anything else you can think of is potentially a wedding photo life-saver. Nothing should stand in the way of that perfect shot, even if it means pinning the groom’s trouser hems up!

10. Hire a wedding photo booth
It goes without saying that the bride and groom will probably never be photographed more than on their wedding day. But what about the guests? Wedding photo booth hire is a brilliant way to give your guests individual, instant memories of your big day. And, you can even set the photo booth to print two copies of every snap, so that you can keep a set for your own wedding guest book. It’s a great way for guests to enjoy themselves on your big day, and an unusual take on the traditional wedding photo.
To find out more about photo booth hire for weddings, or to discuss availability, get in touch on 0203 369 8929

Wedding PHoto Tips

Weird wedding facts you ought to know before you get hitched

Getting married this year? Good! It’s a wonderful thing to do and we’d highly recommend it. But before you leap in with both feet and call us to arrange your photo booth hire, here are some weird wedding facts you really ought to know. Even if it’s simply because it gives you something to talk about during your speech if you forget your script!

Honeymoon myths
Ever wondered why it’s called a honeymoon? You might have to carry on wondering, because there’s not a definitive answer to this mystery. One theory states that In the 2nd Millenium BC, it was traditional for the father of the bride to supply his new son-in-law with as much mead as he could drink for a whole month. Far from being a passive-aggressive attempt to bump the poor guy off, this was a ceremonial rite of passage for all concerned. And with mead being a beer made from honey, we inherit our modern honeymoon. A moon (month) of honey-beer.

The other explanation revolves around the prolonged drunkenness of the bride. Ancient Norse legends tell us that new brides went into hiding for 30 days following the wedding ceremony, where a family member would bring her a cup of honey wine every day. Whichever way you look at it, it seems clear that our ancestors dealt with the pressures of organising a wedding by getting sloshed as soon as possible afterwards, and for a whole month.

For a happier marriage, don’t try this at home.

Tying the knot
It sounds like a fair metaphor doesn’t it? A reliable way of attaching one thing to another. But actually, the expression tying the knot comes from the literal demonstration of the happy couple’s commitment by tying their hands together. It’s unknown why this tradition has died out, but it’s been observed in many cultures all over the world including Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu.

According to other sources, this expression comes from the days before sprung bedframes when beds were supported by nets of knotted string. In order to make a marriage bed, it was of the utmost importance to tie the knot. Literally, and probably many times over! For the record, we recommend a good old fashioned mattress.

Dress for success
Did you know that it was once traditional in Denmark for the bride and groom to cross dress on their wedding day? Apparently, it was a reliable method of confusing any loitering evil spirits. But if that doesn’t float your boat, maybe you’ll enjoy these other wedding-attire facts:

Even though we associate the white dress with purity, it’s actually the ‘something blue’ from the famous saying that’s supposed to denote purity and fidelity. Good luck trying to get away with turning up in a blue dress though (especially if you’re the groom)…

Actually, the white wedding dress we all take for granted is a pretty recent trend, started by none other than Queen Victoria (whose wedding cake famously weighed over 300 pounds). Prior to that, brides would simply wear their best dress to get hitched. Pro tip: save the cake for after the wedding if you want to look your best.

Let them eat cake
If you enjoy a slice of wedding cake, take a moment to give thanks for being born in more civilised times. The tradition of a wedding cake dates back to the ancient Romans, whose wedding guests would appease the gods of fertility by breaking a loaf of bread over the bride’s head. Good luck getting all those crumbs out of your hair, love.

And if you’re wondering why wedding cakes are tiered, this odd trend emerged from a game the bride and groom would play, attempting to kiss over an increasingly tall cake without knocking it over. With the cost of cake being what it is, we can see why this trend never stood the test of time though.

That’s the spirit
When it comes to carrying the bride across the threshold, you may think this is simple etiquette (or masochism, depending on your appetite for such things), but actually, it’s origins are far more pragmatic. Apparently, lifting the bride over the threshold protects her from the evil spirits prowling below.

In fact, evil spirits were such a cause for concern that tricking or deterring them has led to several other wedding traditions. Everything from wearing a veil to matching dresses for the bridesmaids were originally attempts to confound evil spirits and bring luck to a marriage.

But now the age of science and technology has lifted us clear of our quaint superstitious ways, how can you ensure your wedding party really lives up to expectations? Well, photo booth hire for weddings is a popular choice these days. More that just a novel way to keep guests entertained, it’s also a perfect for capturing the party atmosphere for generations to come.
For prices, packages, availability, and any other questions you may have get in touch.

Weird Wedding Facts

How to write an oscar-worthy best man’s speech

If you’re lucky enough to have been chosen as the best man for a wedding, whatever pride you’re feeling is probably more than balanced out by the fear of messing it up. Or if you’re on the neurotic end of the spectrum, it’s probably more like hard-boiled terror. Either way, the stakes don’t get much higher, so you need to be prepared. Why not start with our helpful and insightful guide to writing a killer best man’s speech. Enjoy!

The opening gambit
Sometimes the most difficult part of making any speech is getting started. You need something attention-grabbing, short and to the point. Be casual, and try not to sound like you’re at an AA meeting. A simple “My name’s Dave and as the best man, I’m here to tell you why the bride is the luckiest woman on the planet right now.” Tell the wedding guests how you know the groom, and when you first met the bride. Keep it short, and keep the momentum going.

What to say
While every wedding is different, fortunately there’s a bit of a formula to constructing a good best man’s speech. The key is getting creative with how you use it. But a very rough guide will look something like this:

  • Introduce yourself – see above
  • Thank previous speaker, and toast the parents, especially if they’re paying for the celebration. Pro tip: don’t insult the food or venue. It’s not an ice-breaker, and someone in the room paid good money for it!
  • Talk about the happy couple. How did they meet? What was the groom like before? What makes them a good couple?
  • Tell a funny story about the groom. This is the part that scares a best man the most, so we’ve given it its own paragraph below
  • Toast the newlyweds. Everyone now knows your speech has finished

The joke’s on you
Poking fun at the groom is practically the law when it comes to the best man’s speech. But getting it right isn’t a walk in the park. You need to find a story that sends the groom up in a light-hearted way, and ideally one that can be tied into a positive statement about his suitability as a husband. Good luck with that! Here are a couple of good starting points: ‘let me tell you a secret about the groom’, or, ‘the groom literally begged me not to tell this story at his wedding,’

If you want to see how it’s really done, take a look at this: the best best man’s speech ever?

What not to say
Oh dear. There are so many examples of how you can ruin a wedding reception during your speech that we could fill a whole new article with cautionary tales. But here are a few priceless tips:

    • PG rated content only – remember, there will be children and grandparents in attendance, so it’s not a great time to drop the F bomb or talk about that time the groom got caught with his pants down
    • Best man clichés. You’ve heard them all before, and you may have laughed once, but these pieces of comedy gold are out of bounds:
      • Exhibit A: Well it’s been an emotional day hasn’t it? Even the cake is in tiers
      • Exhibit B: The last time I had to speak in front of a room full of people I was found guilty
      • Exhibit C: Ladies and gentlemen, a toast (produces a slice of toast)

You’re being framed
Perhaps the most important thing to remember about being the best man is the responsibility placed on your shoulders. You’re playing a key role in the most important day of your best mate’s life, so you better be on your A game. In all likelihood, someone will be filming this, so on no account should you calm your nerves with drink. Unless you want to end up on You’ve Been Framed – or worse. Sobriety and proper preparation are key here. And if you’re really nervous, have one drink. But leave it at one, lest you say something everyone regrets. However, if you’re determined to look silly in front of a camera before the day’s through, we recommend wedding photo booth hire instead. Remember: take your time, be prepared, and have fun. You may never get to do this again, so make it count.

How to write an oscar-worthy best man's speech

The elegant beauty of Tarun Tahiliani’s Indian wedding couture

You don’t have to be planning an Indian wedding to take inspiration from the great Tarun Tahiliani. Famous for fusing elements of traditional Indian textile design with Western fashion, he’s the first name to know when it comes to the most elegant, colourful and romantic bridal collections. And while you may not be able to afford one of his original designs, you can’t afford not to take a generous helping of inspiration from him when planning your big day.

Make sure you hire a top photographer, because a Tahiliani inspired wedding is going to look simply stunning. And if you want to take the Indian theme a little further, authentic touches such as jewellery, bindis and henna tattoos can add that magical touch you’re looking for. An Indian wedding should delight all the senses, so you’ll need to spend time planning everything from venue to entertainment to catering. Why not check out our fun party foods for something a bit different?

But for the main event, this is the gallery you’ve been waiting for. Take it away, Tarun!

Tahiliani’s use of bright colours like orange is always striking yet never overpowering, creating a flowing, delicate look that’s pure perfection when you walk down the aisle.

tarun tahiliani oranges

For the serious romantics out there, a veil is an absolute necessity, and Tahiliani’s are better than any others we’ve seen.

tarun tahiliani veils

One look at these elegant golden gowns and you can see why Tarun attracts queues of high profile customers such as Shilpa Shetty.

tarun tahiliani gold

No wedding collection would be complete without something for the groom. And these designs aren’t mere tokens – they’re every bit as stylish and creative as the women’s garments.

tarun tahiliani mens

And here’s the man himself, surrounded by his beautifully modelled work. To discover more about his work, go to

tarun with models

Inspirational ideas for your Indian wedding

You don’t have to be Indian to take wedding inspiration from this gallery of amazing pictures. Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning, we’re certain you’ll find some original and eye-catching ideas to make your big day something really special. From jewellery to sarees to something for the groom, there’s much to learn from the Indian tradition. The rich and romantic colours will work for a wedding in any season, and will help create the most amazing wedding photographs.

In addition to making sure you have a photographer who’s up to the task, why not compile a more intimate, spontaneous album to compliment your official one? Yes, we’re talking aboutphoto booth hire. It’s a great way to capture your wedding guests at their best – relaxed, chatting, and letting their hair down. Booths can be set to print 2 copies of every snap, allowing your guests to take home a unique wedding souvenir, and you to compile a photobooth album that’s certain to become a treasured keepsake.

Okay, that’s enough hot air, it’s time to let the pictures do the talking.

First order of the day has got to be the wedding dress, right? Or in this case, the saree. In many ways the centrepiece of your Indian wedding, there are as many styles, colours and patterns to choose from as you’ve had hot dinners. Feast your eyes on these.


Jewellery is a bit part of Indian bridal tradition – and we’re not just talking a tiara here. These folks really know how to put on a show, and the results are always truly stunning.


One of the first things most people think of when you mention an Indian wedding is the henna tattoo – or Mehndi as it’s correctly known. Designs are limited only by your imagination, or the skill of your henna artist. Better choose carefully…


Of course, a wedding isn’t just about the bride. And in India, the groom always knows how to give the bride a run for her money when it comes to presentation. I bet you never looked this good at your wedding?


So once you’ve mastered all of the above, all you need now is the perfect setting. Somewhere to provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony, your colour palate, and of course your all-important wedding photos.


10 crazy facts you never knew about falling in love

Your mouth is dry, your palms are sweaty, and your heart feels like it’s about to beat right out of your chest. This is love. And boy does it make you act like a fool sometimes. But of all the things that make us act crazy, take risks, and expose ourselves to ridicule, love is the best. So to celebrate this sweet madness, we’ve collected 10 crazy facts you never knew about falling in love.

Want to know how attractive you are? Look at your partner
It’s a bona-fide scientific fact that you’re statistically destined to end up with someone who shares the same degree of attractiveness as you. So if you think your partner is hot stuff, you’re probably something of a catch yourself!

It really is all about that bass
Did you know that European men are pre-programmed to find a certain body shape more attractive? Specifically, women whose waist measurement is 70% of their hip size are most desirable. And who said maths isn’t sexy?

Look into my eyes
It’s probably common knowledge that our pupils dilate when our gaze falls on the object of our desire. But you may be surprised to know why… Actually, diluted pupils make you more attractive to your partner, so when you gaze at one another, you spark off a loved-up positive feedback loop!

Our hearts beat together
You all know that feeling when you first fall in love. It’s like you can no longer see yourselves as individual any more. Every part of your life seems to synchronise. But when it comes to your heart, it’s a simple scientific fact. Look into one another’s eyes for 3 minutes or longer, and your heartbeats will synchronise.

The butterfly effect
Short of having eaten a plate of moths (no thanks), the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is all too real when you’re getting ready to meet your new beloved. But science now tells us that the butterflies are real. Caused by a surge of adrenaline associated with your body’s flight or fight response, your stomach muscles become extremely sensitive, which accounts for the fluttery sensation.

If you want to get really old, get married
According to a study by UCLA, a man is likely to live longer if he is married, especially if he marries after the age of 25. Nobody knows exactly why, but married men have healthier, stronger skeletons. Not only that, but they’re more likely to survive cancer, and have a lower risk of heart disease. So when your parents told you it’s good for a man to get married, it turns out they were right. Literally.

A cuddle is better than codeine
Ever been told “Not tonight love, I’ve got a headache?” Well now you have the perfect riposte. As it happens, cuddling produces oxytocin in the brain – a powerful pain-killing hormone. So put away those paracetamol, and come get a hug!

Broken heart attack
Have you ever wondered why the pain of lost love is called a broken heart? Actually, it’s pretty literal. Broken Heart Syndrome is a medically recognised condition that involves so much pain in the heart that it’s often mistaken for a heart attack, particularly among women.

4 minute warning
Not much can happen in 4 minutes, right? You could play your favourite song, hard boil an egg or reply to an email. Or you could fall in love… SAY WHAT? That’s right. According to research, 4 minutes is all it takes to fall in love, with body language and tone of voice being the most influential factors in just how hypnotised we become.

Dangerous love
Avoiding danger is pretty central to the way most of us live our lives. Outside of the unavoidable perils of wars and natural disasters, we’re pretty obsessed with safety. What you may not know is that you’re more likely to fall in love with someone if you meet in a dangerous situation. Don’t try this at home. Obviously.

The only way is monogamy
There’s a lot of disagreement in the media about just how hard-wired monogamy is in humans. Some say it’s unnatural, but if you look at the animal kingdom, you’ll see it’s more common than you probably thought. Barn Owls, Swans, Gibbons and Wolves all form life-long partnerships, forsaking all others. But perhaps the best ambassadors for monogamy are beavers, who spend as much time and energy maintaining their relationships as their dams. Something to think about, isn’t it?

Love Facts