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The UK’s best paid jobs top 10 countdown

4th November 2015 by Anthony Lane

Overworked? Underpaid? Looking for that silver-lined career change that finally puts you where you deserve to be? Behind the wheel of a Lambourghini, you say? Well, I can’t make any promises, but if your job happens to appear on this list, you should count yourself either very lucky, or very conscientious. Either way, being on this list puts you in the top 1% of global earners, so count your blessings. Let the countdown begin; and don’t go spending it all at once.

Corporate Lawyer – average salary £73k

If you fancy spending your days shouting ‘Show me the money’, this job may just be your spiritual calling. Alternatively, you may just have a knack for bending the law in all the most lucrative ways for your all-powerful clients. You’ll need a university degree for this job though, so best not to rush into it.

Transport Engineer – average salary £74k

As above, a good engineering degree from a good university is a must here, but you do get to play with some serious infrastructure projects. If toy trains just aren’t man enough for your inner child, this job means you get to play with the real thing – and get paid for it. What’s not to like?

Air Traffic Controller – average salary £75k

If losing a game of Tetris causes you to smash your hand-held computer into smithereens, air traffic control probably isn’t the job for you. Of all the jobs on this list that require a cool head, this one takes the cake. You’ll need to enjoy solving complicated puzzles and have a laser-sharp attention to details to manage this task. Holidaymakers around the world are counting on you, man – don’t let us down.

Financial Manager/ Director – average salary £76k

Being a financial manager is basically being a financial ninja. Your job will be to develop a detailed overview of your company’s financial workings, and make adjustments that decrease expenditure and increase profit. You’ll work closely with the CEO (see further down the list) and are probably a bit of a control freak. Every other department manager will hate you, but it will be totally worth it.

PR Director – average salary £77k

As PR director, you’re in charge of how Joe Public sees your corporate brand. Doesn’t sound like much does it, but one small slip, and you could end up being trampled underfoot at the Wall St Stock Exchange. That’s right before you get fired. And if someone else in the company makes a serious boo-boo, it will be your job to set the record straight. Good luck with that…

Bank/ Building Society Director – average salary £78k

Do you think that bankers are to blame for the financial crisis? Well, this is your chance to redress the balance. As director of a financial institution, you’ll get to decide what kinds of project benefit from your support and investment. So if you think coal is bad, don’t invest in it. Photobooths on the other hand, are the next big thing (so we’re told).

IT Director – average salary £80k

As more and more IT security breaches make it into the nightly news, the high salary this job attracts seems more and more justified. Your job will be to identify ways in which IT can help a company achieve its goals, improve its customer experience, and keep its information safe. If you think it sounds like a good excuse to play Angry Birds all day, it might not be for you.

Marketing Director – average salary £82k

Ah, the dark art of marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your new product is; get the launch wrong, and you may never make a profit. Never! You hear? That means you’re only as good as your last product launch, so you better hit the bullseye every time, otherwise you’re going to be working in the mailroom for the rest of your life.

Commercial Airline Pilot – average salary £90k

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s an airline pilot making a ton of cash. And for darn good reason. We put our lives in their hands every time we board a plane, so if anything, they should probably be paid more. Not for the feint-hearted this one, it’s not all air hostesses and mile high clubs you know – it’s extremely complicated, not to mention expensive. Training costs as much as £100k, so you better have deep pockets.

CEO, baby – average salary £107k

If you’re the kind of person who’s never happy with second best, then CEO is the job for you. Depending on your company’s fortunes, you’ll be the tall guy and the fall guy. Bask in the glory of your successes, but be ever ready to jump ship when the storm looks overpowering. Get it right and you’re Steve Jobs, get it wrong and you’ll probably be shortlisted for a job as a government advisor. It’s not all champagne and roses at the top y’know.

If none of these take your fancy, you’ve only two options left. You can either resign yourself to a life of financial mediocrity and take up golf, or you can become the next David Beckham. A word of warning: I’ve heard Posh Spice can be pretty high maintenance, so be careful what you wish for. Over & out…