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The 14 greatest photobombs ever caught on camera

28th October 2015 by Anthony Lane
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Boom! The camera didn’t just click when these snaps were taken. In fact, I’m surprised they survived at all. If you spend more than 5 minutes a day on the internet, you’ll have realised that photobombing is the new black. But it takes a certain skill and sophistication to photobomb with style. Your sense of balance, composition, timing and swagger all need to be honed to at least ninja levels of perfection. See how the professionals do it in our epic gallery of the 14 greatest photobombs ever caught on camera.

Well, this is awkward

The beauty of some photobombs lies in their subtlety. Take these three stealthy examples. You may have to look closely for a second before the bomb goes off, but when it does, beware of flying shrapnel. These pics are mad, bad, and dangerous to know.


I’m a celebrity, get me in ALL THE PICTURES

Do you ever catch yourself asking what’s so special about these celebrities anyway? I mean, aren’t they supposed to be ordinary, down-to-earth folks like the rest of us? Underneath all those sequins and facelifts, they still have to use the toilet when the camera crew goes home, right? Well I’ll tell you what makes them special. Their borderline-psychotic commitment to being the centre of attention AT ALL TIMES. So elegantly demonstrated by these brilliant pics.


Oo-bi-doo, I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo

While you may have already been awestruck by the sheer sophistication of some of these photobombs, you ain’t seen nothing yet. When it comes to pure artistry, animals are the clear winners. And we’re not just talking pets here; there’s a whole Noah’s ark of animal madness out there. From lolcats to lolcamels, here’s six of the best.


Are you Link Wray? Are you Billy Ray? Are you WHAT THE..?!

And just like the song, we’ve gone and saved the best for last. This might just be the best photobomb ever. If you think you can find a better one, let us know because we’d love to see it. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…


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