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Seven ways London photo booth hire can spice up your event

22nd April 2015 by Showtime Photo Booth

The photo booth is making a comeback! Although, if you were paying attention, it never really went away. But it’s come back out of the passport photo shadows, and straight onto the London party scene. Whether you’ve already decided that photo booth rental is a party must have, or you still need a little persuading, read on to discover 7 ways London photo booth hire can make your event the talk of the town.

1. Pure Entertainment

You’re throwing a party or holding an event, so you want guests to enjoy themselves, right? But what can you do apart from the usual drinks, music and dancing? Hiring a photo booth adds an interesting touch to your event that promises to be the centre of attention for guests and hosts alike. The booth gives everyone permission to let their hair down and really just enjoy the moment, ensuring your party will be well documented and talked about for many weeks to come.

2. A gift for everyone

A photo booth snap may only be small in size, but its impact is huge in comparison. Sure, people can take pictures of your event with their phones or cameras, but there’s something special about the immediacy of the photo booth. Having printed pictures they can take home with them will make your guests feel special, and it’s a little extra reward for being part of your successful event.

3. No better way to break the ice

It doesn’t matter how well your guests already know one another, even the best parties take a little while to warm up. If you’re looking for a fun and novel way to help guests break the ice, you won’t do better than photo booth rental. A photo booth encourages people to interact because – let’s face it – nobody wants to be photographed alone at a party! But the lure of the booth is irresistible. Once your guests try it, they’ll want to have their picture taken with everyone.

4. There’s no party like a themed party

If you haven’t used a photo booth since your passport snaps in 1989, let me tell you: things have changed! There are loads of ways you can spice up your party and your pictures by choosing from a menu of great photo booth extras. One of our most popular add-ons is themed photos. By replacing the standard booth background with a green screen, we can replace the background with any image you like. Want to host your party at Buckingham Palace? No problem. The Grand Canyon? You bet. While you’re at it, why not choose the guestbook option too? The machine will print two lots of snaps for every photo session. One for the guests, and one to compile into a guestbook as a priceless memento of your big night.

5. The party continues online

If you really want your party to be the talk of the town, hire a booth with social media integration. So long as your venue is wi-fi enabled, the booth can be programmed to upload all the snaps to a social media platform of your choice. >Guests can save, share and enjoy everyone’s snaps, not just their own. There’s also the added benefit of streaming your event to the internet as it happens, increasing brand visibility and raising your event profile.

6. Props make your party even more fun

It’s funny how the little things sometimes make the biggest impact. Whether you’re holding a themed event or not, adding a box of props to your photo booth order will subtly encourage guests to really let their hair down. It only takes a hat, wig, or some silly glasses to connect your guests with their inner child. And we guarantee you’ll enjoy looking at the photos as much as they will.

7. The booth attendant adds a touch of class

So, with all this pure unadulterated fun happening around the booth, who’s going to keep an eye on things? Fortunately, our photo booths come with a smart and friendly attendant. His or her job isn’t just to make sure the booth is used properly though. The presence of an attendant also gives the booth an official air, making your gathering feel all the more glamourous. If you want to maximize this effect, why not order the red carpet with your booth to make your guests feel really special.

Get ready to put your London event on the map

So you’ve read all about how our London photo booth hire can spice up your party – get in touch to make it happen.

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