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Restaurant photo booth: An extra helping of success

16th September 2015 by Anthony Lane
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A photo booth? In a restaurant? You heard it here first folks, and yes, it may seem a strange partnership on the surface, but the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Installing a photo booth in your restaurant is a brilliant and novel way to engage your diners, get their feedback, and increase your profile. Here are a few of our top suggestions to get you started.

Social media streaming happiness

What could be better for your social media stream that a constant flow of happy customer pictures? One picture of a smiling, satisfied customer is worth a dozen reviews, and a photo booth gives you permission to take as many as you want. For extra incentive, why not offer customers a small treat in return for agreeing to have their picture published? A drink on the house or a discount voucher can do wonders for grabbing their attention.

Branded selfie souvenirs are customer boomerangs

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you probably know that photo booth technology has come a long way. As well as being internet and social media connected (see above), they’re also fully customisable – inside and out. In addition to branding the booth exterior with graphics of your choice, you can also include your brand logo or message on every photo. So when your customers get home and pin their selfie to the wall, they’re going to be reminded of the great night they had at your restaurant every time they see it.

A clearer picture of loyalty

If you don’t already operate a loyalty scheme, you’re missing a trick. But with so much of the competition already offering loyalty benefits, how do you make your establishment stand out? How about personalized loyalty cards from the photo booth? Putting their photo on the loyalty card has a strong psychological effect on customers, creating an emotional attachment with your restaurant that is just great for business.

Outsmart the competition with a selfie contest

More than just a passing gimmick, the photo booth can also be directly employed as a reason for customers to book a restaurant table. For example, why not hold a selfie contest? Diners come in, have a meal, take a selfie and enter it into the competition. At the end of the month, you choose the best portrait, and offer the winner a meal for two, a discount voucher, or whatever you think is going to keep them coming back. Make this a monthly feature, and you’ll begin to enjoy plenty of word-of-mouth advertising too.

Photo booth reviews

If you want to supercharge your online customer reviews, then the photo booth really is an essential piece of equipment. Modern booths are restricted to still photos – they record video too. So why not catch customers at their happiest, full up with your excellent food and drink, and ask them to leave a short video review? According to many studies, videos are more than twice as effective as the written word in communicating to your audience. And because your customers are the video stars, your production costs are practically zero. There’s literally no reason not to do this.

These 5 simple ideas could really help take your restaurant business to the next level. But don’t stop just because this article does. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to great marketing. And if you’re after new marketing ideas, we recommend getting in touch with Digital Restaurant, London – and banish those empty tables for good.


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