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No booth required: say hello to the Magic Mirror Selfie Screen

28th April 2016 by Anthony Lane
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Fresh out of product development and brand new to the UK, say hello to the latest innovation in photobooth technology: our new Magic Mirror Selfie Screen. If you want your party, wedding reception or corporate event to really exceed expectations, get ready to blow all the other parties straight out of the water. Say goodbye to boredom, and enjoy long-lasting event entertainment right up to closing time. Honestly, you’re probably going to have to throw people out when it’s time to go home.

Isn’t it just a trick telly?
No! It’s genuinely a mirror – just a really clever one! Here’s how it works: The selfie screen is actually a 2-way mirror with a high-res camera concealed inside. A touch-screen interface is then mounted over the mirror which cleverly allows the mirror to function as normal, and act as a large screen tablet, displaying your images, graphics, logos, backgrounds and more as required. But that’s not all – it also allows guests to add custom elements such as text and signatures simply by drawing on the screen. No other photobooth product even comes close.

Say hello to gesture control
And if the main features described above weren’t enough for you, don’t worry. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Behind that user friendly touch-screen is a powerhouse of computer programming that takes your upcoming party to the next level: Gesture control. What if you don’t even have to touch the screen to start taking selfies? Maybe just raise your arms, or even just smile? No problem. Or if you prefer a bit more chaos, guests can scream or clap to activate the screen – which will even display a volume bar, so you can hold a loudest scream contest. Don’t forget your earplugs!

0-60 (smiles per hour) at the flick of a switch
Basically, if you’re looking for the fastest way to engage and entertain guests at your next event of any kind, the magic mirror selfie screen can’t be beaten. In addition to all the amazing stuff we’ve already talked about, it does everything else you want and need from your photo booth. With social media integration, portrait and landscape prints, preview before print and an eye-catching countdown to photo (we like to call it a pout-down), it’s a one-stop party starter you won’t want to give back at the end of the night. To top all that off, it’s also fully customisable to your brand, including backgrounds, logos, marketing messages or a combination of all three. Seriously, if you’re not planning a party, celebration or corporate event at the moment, you’re going to regret it! For prices and availability, get in touch today. We can’t wait to rock your next party!






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