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Five selfies that broke the internet

25th March 2015 by Showtime Photo Booth

But first let me take a selfie

The selfie is now a global phenomenon. Not so long ago there was no word for a photographic self-portrait, but now ‘selfie’ has made it into the dictionary as well as the vocabulary of half the planet. The rise of smartphone cameras and photo booth hire packages has meant that we’re never too far from a selfie opportunity these days, but what are the internet age’s most sensational snaps? Which photo poseurs came closest to breaking the internet? Here are five of the most remarkable selfies to date…

The Ellen Oscars selfie

When it emerged in the aftermath of the 86th Academy Awards ceremony, the Ellen Oscars selfie became the most re-tweeted picture in Twitter history. It’s not hard to see why. Talk show sensation Ellen DeGeneres was joined by a panoply of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep – what other selfie in history can boast so many famous faces? After the hype died down, however, it was revealed that the snap was an advertising stunt for Samsung. Does that lose the photo its place on our list? Negatory.

Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela’s funeral

For a selfie to really break the internet, it needs to have a talking point. President Barack Obama’s self-shot photo during the funeral of Nelson Mandela had a few of them. The selfie shows president Obama posing with David Cameron and Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The question of whether the funeral of an eminent activist and politician was an appropriate occasion for a selfie was only one element of the controversy. Obama and the attractive Schmidt seemed very comfortable in the pic, while other angles showed an incredibly put out-looking Michelle Obama sat to the president’s left. It wasn’t a great PR move from any of the politicians involved…

The Queen’s photobomb

A selfie is almost invariably about the subjects of the image, but sometimes you might just get lucky and capture something even more interesting in the background. Australian Commonwealth hockey player Jayde Taylor snapped what is arguably the most unlikely photobomb of all time when the Queen strolled into shot while Jayde was taking a selfie of herself and a teammate. After Jayde shared her shot (under the hashtag #sheevensmiled) her photo created a mini-meme, with other Commonwealth athletes striving to capture the queen in the background of their own selfies. Jayde’s shot, though, remains the original and best.

The macaque selfie

We mentioned earlier that the selfie has become a global sensation, and we’re not wrong. Even animals are getting in on the act. This now-famous image shows a Celebes crested macaque grinning into the camera lens after taking an accidental selfie. The camera belonged to British photographer David Slater and was pinched by the macaque – with hilarious results. The subsequent selfie broke the internet, but unfortunately for Slater he can’t claim ownership of the photos – the US Copyright Office ruled that photographs created by animals can’t be copyrighted!

NASA selfie

Selfies are being taken in every country on Earth, and even animals are getting in on the act. Surely there are no more frontiers left to conquer? Tell that to NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. During a spacewalk on Christmas Eve 2013, Mike took a selfie that’s truly out of this world. With the Earth in the background, Mike’s shot is one of the most beautiful, profound selfies of all time. This image sure takes some beating!

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NASA Selfie