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Five of the best London party theme ideas

5th April 2015 by Showtime Photo Booth

Here at Showtime Photo Booth, we know London’s party scene inside out. We offer photo booth hire for parties, events, fashion shows and weddings across London, and we’ve seen some incredible London party themes in action. If you’re bored with the standard Union Jack-themed parties but still want to embrace London’s unsurpassable culture, there are plenty of other themes you can go for. From lavish Made in Chelsea-style dances and balls to quirky landmark-themed events, there are dozens of different London party themes to choose from. Here are five of our favourites…


Shoreditch has become known as the home of hipsters. Pay homage to the hipster subculture by setting a strict hipster dress code. For the guys, that’s Superskinny jeans paired with a vintage deep V-neck shirt or oversized jumper, plus pendant, beanie, manbag, beard, and of course, glasses – leave the fixie bike at home. For girls the dress code is a little less strict, but shorts or a skirt with tights worn underneath is essential couture. If you don’t have your own hipster glasses, don’t worry – your Showtime photo booth will come packed with props to help you recreate that genuine hipster look. You’ll certainly want to test out our smoothie bike during your hipster do…


The Windsors are always a great source of costume inspiration, but if your guests are feeling adventurous then let them seek inspiration from monarchs throughout history. Your party will surely be a draw for kings that were notorious party animals – you’re bound to have at least one Henry VIII and Charles II at your event. You won’t be able to escape crowns, gowns, sceptres and faux ermine for the entire night. Perhaps a few adventurous guests will come as postage stamps, coins or even bank notea!

‘60s Carnaby Street

Has there ever been a trendier street than Carnaby Street in the 1960s? Celebrate Swinging London at your upcoming party and embrace ‘60s culture and fashion. Your soundtrack is the Beatles, the Who, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones. Be inspired by the style of Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and the Fab Four. Minidresses, go-go boots and headbands will be the dress code for the night, as you celebrate one of the greatest decades in London’s history.

London icons

London is as diverse as almost any city in the world, and it’s been home to more icons than almost any other city. If you want to keep your party theme reasonably open, why not opt for London icons? Guests can come as great Modern Londoners such as Benedict Cumberbatch, David Attenborough and Michael Caine, or famous faces from history like Charles Dickens or Henry VIII. Bonus points for anyone dressing up as a London landmark.

Tube stations

The 270 London Underground stations provide the perfect inspiration for a slightly quirky party theme! Stations including Bank, Angel, Arsenal and Grange Hill have obvious fancy dress outfits associated with them, but encourage guests to get creative and try to dress up as trickier stations – think Seven Sisters or Swiss Cottage! This imaginative party theme could only work in London.

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Five of the best London party theme ideas