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Behind the curtain: dispatches from the creative world of photo booths

27th May 2015 by Showtime Photo Booth
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When you hear the words photo booth, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your passport photo, or corporate photo booth hire as entertainment for your office party. But if you think the humble photo booth is limited in its range of uses, think again. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination, so get ready to be inspired to do something truly original with your own photo booth!

Give a dog a home

Every wondered what happens if you put a dog in a photo booth? The Humane Society of Utah wondered just that, and created a news story that instantly went viral. With the help of photographer Guinevere Schuster, they took doggy photobooth snaps to help raise awareness of the plight of homeless dogs in their care. The playful pictures captured the dogs’ personalities down to a tee, and began a record-breaking influx of enquiries, ultimately boosting their rehoming tally in 2014 to over 10,000 animals. Warning: if you don’t want a dog, look at these photos at your own risk!

What are you proposing?

Wedding photo booth hire is the new black. Everyone’s talking about it, and posting their wedding day selfies all over the social web. So when Kevin Moran decided to subvert the trend, and use a photo booth to propose to his girlfriend, he must have known it would be impossible for her to turn him down. And in a very clever twist, he also set the booth to record video of the whole thing, as well as taking the standard 4 still pictures. But was he expecting it to become a viral sensation when he posted the video online? Well, at over 5m views and counting, why not add to the tally and decide for yourself?

Mystery man’s 445 selfies

Tom Trelensberg was having a normal day, checking his email, browsing the web, when something caught his eye. A familiar face appeared in the corner of the screen, along with an article about an exhibition at the Zimmerli Art Museum called ‘445 Portraits of a Man.’ The article stated that the identify of this serial selfie-taker was a mystery, but Tom jumped up and exclaimed, “that’s my uncle Franklin!” Since he is no longer with us, no-one knows for certain why Tom’s uncle Franklin took so many selfies, but the likely explanation is that they were test images he took every time he mixed the chemicals for his photo shop’s booth. Read the full story here:

The hobo-booth

Following the death of her social worker father, Amelia Burns had the idea of continuing his work with the homeless and dispossessed in a very novel and creative way. The Homeless Photo Booth Project is an awareness-raising book project, which takes Amelia along the length and breadth of the USA taking intimate portraits of the homeless with a humble photo booth. By taking their portraits, Amelia is reminding the world that behind every hard luck story is a real human being with the same hopes, dreams and feelings as you and I. This is a great project, and you can follow the journey as it happens on Amelia’s blog:

Can a selfie really change the world?

What’s the logical thing to do in the world’s most paranoid Occupy camp, where protesters constantly fear state surveillance and under-cover agents? Set up a photo booth, of course! In a seemingly back-to-front bit of thinking, pro-democracy protesters replaced the idea of ‘anonymous heroes’ with the reality of a real-time stream of protest selfies straight to their Facebook page. Named after their plain yellow backdrop – the colour of their movement – the project’s organisers have turned what’s usually an act of simple entertainment into a powerful act of protest, defiance and courage. Who knows if the humble photo booth may yet help change the course of history?

What’s the moral of these stories? If you have an idea, don’t waste it. Whatever interesting and creative applications you can dream up, our highly recommended London photo booth hire service has everything you need to make it a reality. For prices and availability, get in touch.

Behind the Curtain

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