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6 creative marketing approaches that won’t let you down

12th August 2015 by Showtime Photo Booth

There’s nothing like a really great marketing campaign to make you sit up and pay attention. And if you run any kind of business, you’ll know that landing on those genius ideas is incredibly difficult. So, to give you some inspiration, and to remind you just how much impact your marketing can have, we’ve compiled this list of gold-standard marketing approaches guaranteed to raise your company profile.

Be a record breaker

If you’re old enough to remember the TV programme Record Breakers, you’ll remember Roy Castle always said anyone can be a record breaker. “Dedication is all you need.” People love to hear about wacky stunts or feats of endurance, and they’re a brilliant platform for putting your product in the public eye. For example, if your company makes hot dogs, imagine what it would do for business if your hot dogs were used for the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. If you’re interested, the current world record stands at 62 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes. Who’s hungry?

Use their imagination

When you run flat out of marketing ideas, what do you do? Use your audience’s imagination, that’s what. And that’s precisely what Glasgow’s fledgling rock radio station FM96.3 did when they wanted to spread the word. As launch day approached, they set up empty electric guitar racks across the city, with a sign above each reading ‘Free air guitar, please take one”. Bill & Ted eat your hearts out. This idea rocks!

Go hard or go home

Sometimes the best ideas are the most literal ones. Trying to be too clever can even work against you if people don’t understand your campaign properly. Why not simply demonstrate your product to its full potential in the most visible way possible? That’s what glue brand Araldite did in 1983 with its now legendary billboard campaign. The ad was simply a yellow Ford Cortina stuck side-on to the billboard, with the text: “It also sticks handles to teapots. Araldite.” Nuff said.

Unleash your artistic side

We’re not just talking plain old graphic design here. What if you hired an actual artist to create an original piece of marketing for you, and displayed it publicly? You could commission a mural, a sculpture, a film which you then project onto a public building. The possibilities are endless. Or, for a really neat twist, why not make your audience the artists? Hire a digital graffiti wall, brand it up, and let your customers loose on it. Then send them away with mugs, t-shirts, postcards printed with their work, and most importantly, great memories of your brand.

Give something back

But aren’t businesses supposed to make money? Of course, but sometimes you can make more money by giving some of it away. If you have a product that comfortably ties in with a humanitarian aid program, you really can stimulate sales while giving something back to those most in need. Everyone wins in this scenario. Company directors, investors, customers and aid recipients all get to feel better about themselves, and you get to be the one of the good guys in a very crowded street of money-grabbers. Cola giants Pepsi and Coke had this very same idea while both advertising during a Superbowl event. Cleverly, they announced that they were giving away their ad budget to good causes, but got the audience involved in deciding who the recipients should be, and how much they should get. Win-win.

Engage stealth mode

Ever heard of Guerilla Marketing? Nope? Well you should. Because it’s here to stay, and can be extremely effective. Characterised by seemingly random events taking place in urban areas, the essence of guerilla marketing can be taken anywhere. Typically low budget, high energy campaigns carried out by startups, the possibilities are endless. Examples include flashmobs, treasure hunts, over-sized branded props, or a carefully placed photo booth. If your stunt happens to be covered by your local (or national) news, so much the better. But to be sure, why not hire a film crew to do it for you, and make a viral online video while you’re at it?

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find a fun, creative way to tell the world about your business. Because if you don’t, somebody else will.

6 creative marketing approaches that won’t let you down